Cs6302 database management systems

Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management, 6th Edition

Attributes are descriptive properties possessed by each member of an entity set. Define tuple variable Tuple variable is a variable whose domain is the set of all tuples. All records with the same hash key value are stored together on disk.

There is an overhead involved in the maintenance and use of secondary indexes that has to be balanced against the performance improvement gained when retrieving data.

Bad-debt losses are less than 0. When these two tables are clustered, each unique Deptno value is stored only once, in the cluster key.

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A super key is a set of one or more attributes that collectively allows us to identify uniquely an entity in the entity set. Updates also cause an ISAM file to lose the access key sequence, so that retrievals in order of the access key will become slower.

An indexed sequential file is a more versatile structure, which normally has. To access a row in a clustered table. What are its advantages. What is conceptual schema. What is first normal form. Only the internal nodes of the tree are stored in computer memory.

Cons of Hash file organization Hash is not a good storage structure in the following situations: Bajaj Electronics incurred out-of pocket expenses that were not considered in calculating the 17 per cent markup on its items.

Tables, views and indexes. Mapping cardinalities or cardinality ratios express the number of entities to which another entity can be associated. In the case of database indexes, the required item will be one or more records in a file.

For any type of query or something that you think is missing, please feel free to Contact us. Bajaj Electronics would realize a 17 per cent markup on these sales since the average markup was calculated on the basis of the customer taking the discount. All in all, slow - paying or marginal accounts were very costly to Bajaj Electronics.

Show the candidate and frequent item sets for each database scan. What do you understand by wealth maximization. Describe how it can be modified through buffering to disallow such schedules. Show how each ER model construct can be mapped to the relational model. Instead, he could quote for higher profits, if he were willing to wait until completion of the job for payment.

Let us consider a case of emp and dept tables whose instances are shown in table. The degree of relationship type is the number of participating entity types.

What is a primary key. Write short notes on relational model The relational model uses a collection of tables to represent both data and the relationships among those data.

Distinguish between threats and risks. The relation is only a few pages long.

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Or b Explain why timestamp based concurrency control allows schedules that are not recoverable. Oracle suggests using indexed clusters when: To do this, secondary storage usually disk is used to store the leaf nodes of the tree.

Entity set that has a primary key is termed a strong entity set. In addition to the potential profit from the account, Gupta was concerned about his company's exposure. Design and draw an ER diagram that capture the information of this schema. Give examples A relationship is an association among several entities.

He also included a list of current receivables. Concurrency control, Locking Techniques for concurrency control, Time stamping protocols for concurrency control, validation based protocol, multiple granularity, Multi version schemes, Recovery with concurrent transaction, case study of Oracle.

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Database management systems A database management system (DBMS) consists of software that operates databases, providing storage.

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CS Database Management Systems Database management System by Seema Kedar from Technical Publications Database management System by makomamoa.comndari from ARS Publications.

The Journal of Database Management (JDM) publishes original research on all aspects of database management, systems analysis and design, and software engineering. The primary mission of JDM is to be instrumental in the improvement and development of theory and practice related to information technology and management of information resources.

Cs6302 database management systems
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Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management, 6th Edition