Modhera temple

E with scholars claiming it to be as old as the city itself. The floor of upper cell is now fallen which once housed the image of deity.

Both roofs are 15' 9" in diameter but are constructed differently. Imagine that you are sitting in a merry go round.

Understanding The Architecture Of Sun Temple Modhera

A flight of steps lead to the main entrance. In the earlier times, this sq meter rectangular tank was used to store pure water.

A walk around the serene temple campus makes you aware of the positively strong aura of energy which the place radiates and through it brings one closer to the environs. Request him to narrate or explain the tales and sequences from epics and legends which are carved on the 52 pillars adding grace and poise to the temple section.

The old philosophy that venerated the natural elements and their association with humans was considered the prime force and energy of the life cycle. These steps are rectangular or square except the first step of each flight of steps which is semicircular. There are two types; semicircular and triangular.

Sun Temple, Modhera

Other panels are decorated with dancers and other figures. The tank was named after the Lord Surya Sun God.

Shore Temple

Temples dedicated to the Sun are not a common feature in the Tamil speaking region of the Indian subcontinent. The small mandapa above the ground level and located on the second kuta of stepwell may belong to 10th century. Since the royal couple had no child, the King offered his prayers to Lord Shiva, requesting him to grant them a son.

Modhera Dance Festival At a glance Psychedelic hues of red, yellow, green lights illuminating nooks and corners of intricately carved the Sun Temple of Modhera, during dark and breezy nights of January, create a Chiaroscuro effect of time and space. If you love listening to stories, make sure you find the purohit or priest who has been taking care of the temple, and stays close to the vicinity.

The hall, which is next to the Meenakshi shrine, has sculptures of characters from Mahabharata. The kirtimukhas are separated by chain and bell ornamentation. Konark is also known as Arkakshetra. It measures feet from north to south and feet from east to west.

Using 4 parts of a luggage draw a composition on which the light falls from the left side. A sun temple (or solar temple) is a building used for religious or spiritual activities, such as prayer and sacrifice, dedicated to the sun or a solar temples were built by a number different cultures and are distributed across the world including in India, China, Egypt, Japan and of the temples are in ruins, undergoing excavation, preservation or restoration and a few are.

The temple has four main towering gateways (gopurams) that look identical to each other. Apart from the four ‘gopurams,’ the temple also houses many other ‘gopurams’ that serve as gateways to a. Sun Temples in India A Special Templenet Feature on the eve of the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug 11, 1.

Introduction makomamoa.comnaarka Temple at Gaya, Bihar. Modhera Sun Temple is one of the least known temples in India. The Sun Temple is a temple of Surya dev (Sun god) & it is approximately years old!

Gaur is the ruins of an ancient city spreading over the border between West Bengal in India and Bangladesh.

Modhera Sun Temple

It represents Islamic architecture in Bengal along. Sep 06,  · Modhera Sun Temple is magnificent structure built in 11th Century AD by Solanki Rulers. The Step Well or the temple pond adjoining the Sun Temple is more prominent than a temple.

The compelx is well maintained/5().

Modhera temple
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